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Episode I: TV or Not TV

Episode II: Funny Money

Episode III - The Golfer

Episode IV - A Matter of Life and Death

Episode V - A Woman's Work is Never Done

Episode VI  -  Better Living Through Television

Episode VII  -  Pal O' Mine

Episode VIII  -  The Sleepwalker

Episode IX  -  Sister Nora

Episode X  -  Hello Tom

Episode XI  -  The Deciding Vote

Episode XII  -  Something Fishy

Episode XIII  -  'Twas The Night Before Chickie

Episode XIV  -  The Space From Man

Episode XV  -  A Matter of Record

Episode XVI  -  Oh My Achin' Back

Episode XVII  -  The Babysitter

Episode XVIII  -  The $99,000 Answer

Episode XIX  -  Ant Bizzaro Ink

Episode XX  -  Young At Heart

Episode XXI  -  A Dog's Life

Episode XXII  -  Here Comes The Bride

Episode XXIII  -  Mama Loves Mambo

Episode XXIV  -  Please Leave The Premises

Episode XXV  -  Pardon My French

Episode XXVI  -  Young Man with a Corn

Episode XXVII  -  Head of the House

Episode XXVIII  -  The Worry Wart

Episode XXIX  -  Trapped

Episode XXX  -  The Loudspeaker

Episode XXXI  -  On Stage

Episode XXXII  -  Opportunity Knocks But

Episode XXXIII  -  Unconventional Behavior

Episode XXXIV  -  The Safety Award

Episode XXXV  -  The Nora of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring Light

Episode XXXVI  -  Deb n' Chesta (Sittin' in a Tree)

Episode XXXVII  

City Fawcett Over Somewhere 

(The Backwids Episode)

Episode XXXVIII  -  Dial J For Janitor

Episode XXXIX  -  A Man's Pride

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