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Check Out What Our Viewers Have To Say!

"Look forward to every episode!  So entertaining!" 

"A breath of fresh air in these crazy times of covid.  Feels great to laugh."

"Honeyzoomers is so freaking good, it's addictive!  I enjoy every episode!"

"Binge watch worthy"

"I'm crying laughing so hard, my face hurts!"

"Very funny and touching.  Great belly laughs from our whole household!"

"As they continue to shut down our venues and our stages, The Honeyzoomers continue to churn out quality entertainment.  What did YOU do during a global pandemic??  As for this team, they made and continue to make art and we love them for it."

"So relatable on so many levels."

"It doesn't get better than this.  Comedy for these times."

"This is so funny and fantastic!  Great actors!  Great writing!  Thank you for this gift!"

"Thanks for my hit of NYC!"

"This episode was simply masterful...the writing, directing and performances."

"A powerful statement of visuals and music on this episode of Honeyzoomers....filled with humor and a healthy dose of reality, NYC style.  Are you following their work yet?"

"Hysterical, relevant content to deliver messages and humor during these crazy times."

"Episode XVIII is Amazing and heart wrenching."

"So well done!  I'd love to see it as a full play Off Broadway."

"Very funny...even in Straya!"  (Australia!) 

"Epic episode...forethought, writing and acting terrific."

"The Honeyzoomers crew keeps on delivering!  The nostalgia, the characters and the storyline...such a killer creation.  Check 'em out.  The City is alive and well, baby!"

"Kudos for the collective talents that make up the honeyzoomers....episodes are thoughtful, on target , hits all the right notes. Glad I read the Chelsea neighborhood paper with article about your had to take a pandemic?!"

"Very nice tribute to the front line responders! "Deb" actually has a look like Audrey Meadows."

"This is like Honeymooners X Monk X King of Queens"

"It’s a really great series... The actors are wonderful... sure to be a hit."

"That's are a national treasure!"

"I don't just like this, I love it! Great work!"

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